Party Like a Rock Star…

23 May

Liam turned a year old this week (sniffle, sniffle)…I knew I would be a little emotional so I put a lot of effort into making his first birthday party extra special!  Liam’s party theme was a rock & roll first birthday tour and we made sure music was a part of all of the festivities. […]


16 May

Some expectant parents to be take a vacation called a “babymoon” right before their little ones arrive.  I think the concept is a little backwards.  While one last hurrah does sound enticing, I think a vacation after surviving the first year sounds a little more deserving.  Since a honeymoon comes after getting married, I think […]

Banana Pancakes

29 Apr

Liam loves pancakes, or maybe it’s the maple syrup that accompanies them?  I try to avoid the “white” stuff by only offering him whole wheat bread, whole grains, and brown rice.  By offering him the healthier alternatives to carbs, I hope I can keep him from developing an aversion to whole wheat and an insistence for white […]

Ten Months – Beach Life

25 Apr

We celebrated the end of tax season and Liam’s eleven month birthday with a family vacation to Hilton Head Island.  Liam wasn’t so sure about all of the sand at first, but it only took a few minutes before he was crawling around like he owned the place. We had a bit of a problem […]

Little Mr. Independent

2 Apr

I previously posted about trying to work with Liam on developing table manners.  I’m not doing such a great job… Right around Liam’s ten month birthday, I began having a really hard time getting him to eat.  I have a freezer full of homemade baby purees and after a few bites he would shake his […]

Nine Months – Pieces of Pancake!

19 Mar

Liam turns ten months old this week and I must say I am a little nostalgic.  I have heard other mothers say that the first birthday is a time of celebration but also brings sadness with the realization that these little ones aren’t really babies anymore.  I have began to organize all of the pictures […]

Eight Months – Red Handed!

25 Feb

Liam turned nine months old this past week.  Our little guy has gone from a little baby who sat and played with his toys to a rambunctious little boy that is crawling everywhere.  He also is pulling up which has made mom pretty uneasy because he can’t figure out how to get back down once he’s up! This […]

Mind your Manners

12 Feb

Liam has learned a new trick this week that he likes to show off at mealtime.  It involves him holding his breath until his face turns beet red and then a combo of yelling and fake coughing…then repeat multiple times.  The first time it happened, I thought he was hyperventilating and was ready to call […]

Seven Months – A New Year and New Food!

21 Jan

We made it through the holidays and the food coma that always comes along with it.  Liam is now sitting on his own and I know I say this every post, but he is doing GREAT!  I have a feeling that we have reached that part of our journey where everything is going to start […]

Feeding the Rainbow

31 Dec

Raising a foodie is our focus but healthy eating will be an added benefit.  Foodies know their ingredients, where they have came from, and appreciate their simplistic beauty.  Cooking with the season produces the freshest ingredients which in turn produces the best dishes. Feeding children a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables ensures that […]