Who says Two has to be Terrible?

26 May

We have been celebrating Liam’s second birthday all month long around our house.  I love that he has a May birthday because it’s such a fun month with school ending and summertime beginning!  Liam has changed so much since I last posted.  I just re-read the 1.5 year old post and had to chuckle at my pondering over when his vocabulary would start.  Well it’s here!  Liam talks ALL of the time and is definitely making up for lost time.  His favorite words are tractor, bush hog, dump truck, John Deere, dirt, and “Daddy’s Blue Truck.”  He knows all of his colors, most of his shapes, and can count to five (although he likes to skip three).  He loves his John Deere tractor movie and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and pretty much always has some sort of farm toy in his hand.  We may have a Future Farmer of America on our hands rather than a Future Foodie.   He is all boy, has a mind of his own, and he literally never stops moving.


We celebrated Liam’s birthday with a tractor party at Troup Corn.  The kids loved playing on the bouncy things, riding ponies, running around, and picking strawberries at the strawberry field.  Liam was picking berries and eating them whole, leaf and all!  He had a great day and fell asleep on my shoulder walking in from the car.  We are so appreciative of all of our family and friends that helped us to celebrate.


This month, Liam also wrapped up his first “school” year at First Learning Center at First Baptist Church.  He had the best year with Ms. Amy and Ms. Naomi and he learned so much from their class.  He loves all of the children in his class and says their names often at home.  One of his favorite things to do is read the bible before bedtime.  He will often ask me for “more” after reading and ask for the “boat” story or “Joseph’s coat” story.  I am so thankful for the loving Christian environment that FLC has provided for him and I look forward to the years to come with their program.


I’m happy to report that Liam is still a fantastic eater.  The thing that amazes us isn’t not only what all he will eat, but how much he eats!  It’s a little embarrassing to have friends over because he is constantly reaching for food on their plates once he finishes his own!   After his birthday, his one new true love is CAKE!  He asks for it every day and calls pretty much anything remotely sweet “cake.”  We still follow a pretty strict eating schedule.  Liam will eat every 15 minutes if given the chance so we stick to breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner.  He definitely would be a “nosher” if we didn’t do this and he can be pretty demanding so it helps us to still follow a schedule with him.  We also are still trying to avoid processed foods as much as possible.  We have a weekly mother son tradition of hitting the local Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning.  He gets lots of attention there and plenty of samples.  It’s so cute to hear him name the foods on his plate now like “brocowi” and “acado” (avocado).   Overall Liam is a pretty healthy eater but like all of us he definitely has his days he cheats with “cake.”

Look how much he’s changed from his first to second birthday…


He’s still a messy little eater!


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