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21 Nov

Today is Liam’s Eighteen Month Birthday.  I’m not sure when we stop counting in months, but we can now officially report that he is a year and half old!  The Fall months have been so busy for our family.  It seems like we are always partying….Halloween parties, Thanksgiving parties, and will soon be moving on to Christmas parties.  Our family has always loved a good party and I think our parties may actually be a little “wilder” now that Liam is celebrating with us.

Liam is absolutely thriving right now.  He loves to play, play, and play some more.  He is really into trucks, tractors, and “racing” either on foot or in his car.  He is babbling a lot right now, most of which is unrecognizable.  Matt thinks he may be speaking Japanese before English.  If his babbling is any indication of how much he is going to talk, we can safely guarantee that when he does start fully talking that he will not be stopping!  Like most little boys, Liam has no fear and is super physical.  It amazes me that he is already going up the steps of the play set his dad built and coming down the slide on his own, and this is a really high play set!  Liam is definitely wild and difficult to control but no doubt he is a happy little guy.  The smiles and sounds of laughter he constantly gives us make the chasing him around worth it.  Matt and I may be stuffing each other’s stockings this year with 5 hour energy pills!

One really cool thing that Liam is doing is singing!  His class has been working on a few Christmas songs for his Christmas program and Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star is the first one that he learned to sing/hum.  Let’s just say that when Liam does learn a new trick, he likes to practice until it’s perfect.  He wakes us up every morning at 7AM with a rather loud rendintion of Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star.  I have also heard him work on singing the ABC’s and the other morning he attempted to sing along to Zac Brown Band’s Chicken Fried!  I think that one must have struck a chord with him since he does love chicken!  I never dreamed he would be singing all of these songs before he started fully talking…maybe he does have a little “music” in him like his dad.

For Halloween this year, Liam dressed up as a skeleton.  We tried to keep things simple with no hats or accessories to deal with.  He trick or treated at Troup Corn Maze and had a blast.  Here he is checking out the pumpkin patch:



Liam is still an incredible eater and his appetite and how much he can eat never cease to amaze us.  He really doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth but loves broccoli, green beans, sweet potatoes, and pretty much any other vegetable.  He is definitely entering his “foodie season” of casseroles, butterbeans, and Southern vegetable dishes we all delight on during the holidays.  Like many of us, I think he may pack on a few pounds this holiday!

One of the biggest challenges we are dealing with on the food front right now has nothing to do with Liam, but with me.  I am really struggling to get dinner on the table for our family each night during the week.  Liam is starving by six pm and I am just finding it impossible to get off work, pick him up from the sitter, get home and get him fed.  Unfortunately, we have a few nights of grilled cheese sandwiches and peanut butter toast.  I always serve with a side of fruit and steamed vegetables but I still wince as I give it to him because it just isn’t what I envisioned him eating for dinner when we started this “Raising a Foodie” journey.  I really want to have wholesome and healthy family dinner every night of the week but I am realizing that is just not feasible as a full time working mother.  I’m trying to plan ahead as much as I can and not beat myself up too much about it.  I am hoping it will be a little easier to cook with Liam in a few months when he is older and can possibly even help me with a few things for meal prep.  Right now, he just does not understand that mom needs a few minutes to cook so that he can have a fabulous dinner.  Patience is definitely not his best feature!  I have joked with Matt that we need to hire a personal chef for tax season…if anyone is interested in applying?!?

One thing that I have done that helps is meal plan each week.  For example, Mondays have become Taco Monday which I delegate to Matt.  That man can make a mean taco!  Now I just need ideas for the rest of the week.  If any of you reading have any easy weeknight recipes to share, please comment or email me.  I would love a few more ideas to add to our rotation.  If Liam gets a vote, we may need to introduce a “burger night” after his fun lunch at the corn maze…


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