Fourteen Months…Huh?

30 Jul

If I were to sum up the month leading up to Liam’s 14 month birthday, it would be “huh”?  Not only is that the only thing Liam can say right now, but this month has been so busy that I also feel like saying “Huh?”. Liam is running around EVERYWHERE and the month itself has flown by as well!  Liam has mastered walking as well as running.  His curiosity is plentiful right now as he loves to explore every nook and cranny.  It has been a busy month for our family with travel and other things going on so I haven’t had a chance to try many foods or recipes with Liam this month (hence my lack of posts).

I mentioned in my last post that I did the Once a Month Mom plan for freezer cooking for 12 – 18 month old babies.  It has been wonderful to have everything from breakfast quiches to vegetable pasta in the freezer that can be easily pulled out for him when the week gets busy.  There isn’t much that he is not eating right now.  He will eat or at least try about anything we put in front of him and I sure hope that continues!  Here is what his schedule and meals look like right now:

Liam’s Fourteen Month Schedule

7:00 AM – Wake Up

7:30 AM – Breakfast with Whole Milk

  • Whole Grain and/or Protein (Oatmeal Pancakes, Regular Oatmeal, Whole Wheat Toast, Sausage Balls, Quiches)
  • Fruit (Fresh Berries, Melon, Banana, or Peaches)

8:00 to 11:30 – We dropped the morning nap.  This was a huge deal for me and it took me about two months to be willing to do it.  We kept reducing the time he slept in the morning gradually until it was only a catnap.  When he started not sleeping in the afternoon, I knew it was time.

11:30 AM – Lunch with Whole Milk

  • Whole Grain and/or Protein (Whole Wheat Toast with Cheese or Peanut Butter; Diced Chicken; Diced Deli Ham or Turkey; Veggie Meatloaf; Veggie Pasta)
  • Vegetable (Steamed and Diced Vegetable)
  • Fruit

1:00 PM – Afternoon Nap (he now sleeps about 2.5 and sometimes 3 hours – it’s wonderful!)

4:00 PM – Afternoon Snack with Whole Milk (Avocado, Banana, or Greek Yogurt Popsicle)

7:00 PM – Dinner is whatever we are having.  I try to offer Liam a protein, a fruit, and a veggie every night.

8:00 PM – Bed

In between meals, I only offer Liam water. I have tried to avoid fruit juice since he gets so much fruit in his diet throughout the day.  His favorite foods right now are raspberries and avocados.  He especially loves raspberries and blackberries picked fresh off the vine from his grandparents’ garden.

As far as table manners, I am still working with Liam on being more patient in his high chair.  I hope this will eventually pay off so that he can easily sit through a meal if we happen to eat out.  I put him in his high chair and have him sit there while I prepare the meal.  He protests and usually gets impatient, but I can usually distract him with a silly song or pretending to hide behind the counter.  After his meal, I also have him sit while I clean up and put all of the dishes away.  He is usually much more content after a full belly!  We try to keep him in the highchair a full thirty minutes for each meal.  We also do not offer any food unless he is in his highchair and only if it’s a scheduled mealtime.  I know this sounds strict but it has been this way for Liam since the beginning so it really hasn’t been a problem for us.   While some of you may question whether all of this is really necessary for a one year old, I am a firm believer in “start as you mean to go on.”  By not allowing bad habits the chance to develop, hopefully we can all have more pleasant mealtimes and a cleaner house as we dive into toddler years.  

Liam checking out our herb garden…



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