Thirteen Months…Dogs Days of Summer

24 Jun

All of the excitement of Liam’s first birthday has passed and we are now entering the “toddler” phase of parenting.  Liam is starting to run walk on his own and he is a force to be reckoned with.  He is beginning to cut the nasty molars everyone warned me about and that has definitely thrown a kink in his eating.  He still eats very well, but he goes through phases where all he wants is fruit and milk.  He is still doing great on the whole milk and sippy cup transition and easily feeds himself finger foods.  He also LOVES to feed the dogs whatever he is eating and has also started trying to feed me.  I think he would rather feed the world than feed himself…future humanitarian?

His favorite thing to do right now is to go outside.  He is constantly banging on the door and looking at us expectantly to take him out to ride in his Coupe, swing, or just walk around in the grass.  We have started a Mommies & Me swimming program which has proven to be quite the adventure.  I’m getting my first dose of my child not being interested in something that I want him to be interested in.  He would much rather be outside of the pool playing with the instructor’s dog than in the pool swimming.    I think that maybe I should I have signed him up as a volunteer at the Humane Society this summer rather than swimming lessons.

Liam’s schedule right now is a little inconsistent.  He isn’t quite ready to transition to the one nap a day but two full naps are proving to be too much.  This is the basic schedule we are following right now:

Liam’s Thirteen Month Schedule

7:00 AM – Wake Up

7:30 AM – Breakfast of Whole Wheat Fruit Pancake, Oatmeal, or Toast with Fruit Spread offered with a side of fresh fruit and milk

9:30 to 10:00/10:15 – Morning Nap.  We do wake him from this nap.  Whoever coined the phrase “never wake a sleeping baby” must not have had a child that wants to wake at 6:00 AM and then sleep all morning to make up for it.

11:30 AM – Lunch of Protein, Veggie, and Fruit with whole milk…Sometimes he gets lucky with grilled cheese on whole wheat bread for lunch.

1:30 to 3:30/4:00 PM – Afternoon Nap

4:30 PM – Snack of Avocado, Banana, or Greek Yogurt Popsicle

6:30 PM – Dinner of Protein, Veggie, and Fruit.  I usually offer him what we are eating for dinner assuming it’s ready in time.

7:30 PM – Bath, Reading, Prayer & Bedtime

Liam celebrated Father’s Day with Matt this month with a little photography project for dad’s office…

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