Party Like a Rock Star…

23 May

Liam turned a year old this week (sniffle, sniffle)…I knew I would be a little emotional so I put a lot of effort into making his first birthday party extra special!  Liam’s party theme was a rock & roll first birthday tour and we made sure music was a part of all of the festivities.

Our menu for the party was a good old fashioned BBQ. Matt smoked Boston Butts for the main course and we had numerous sides for both the children and adults.  I named all of the food after music instruments or songs and made cute little food cards for the table:


Our Rock & Roll Menu:

  • “Light my Fire” Pork
  • Pasta Salad “Take me down to the Pasta City”
  • Baked Beans “Dirty Beans Done Dirt Cheap”
  • Coleslaw “Hit me with your Cole Slaw”
  • Fruit Cups “Every Fruit Has a Cup”
  • Goldphish Cups
  • “Pour some Sugar on Me “ Cupcakes with Guitar Picks
  • “Brown Sugar” Cookies in shape of music notes
  • Guitar Picks (Chips)
  • Pretzel Sticks (Drumsticks)
  • “Skynyrd” Spinach Dip
  • “Dixie Chicken” Dip
  • “Chilly Water” 
  • “Sipping on Fruit & Juice” for the Kiddo’s

The food table was decorated with a few of Liam’s music toys and a first birthday banner that was designed by my friend Stormie.  She also designed the invitations, water bottle labels, cupcake picks, and a few other party printables and did a great job.  Check out her Etsy shop….




The centerpieces for our tables were melted record bowls.  This was so easy to do. I just took a few records, put them on top of a metal oven safe bowl, and melted them in a 350 degree oven for about 7 to 8 minutes. They form into a perfect record bowl.


I filled the bowls with candy and used them for weights for red, white, black, and blue balloons.  A few scattered balloons and Gerber Daisies in black pots finished everything off.


We had a craft table for the kids with coloring sheets (music themed of course) and a make your own drum station (coffee cans).

Matt’s grandmother made Liam’s smash cake and did a fantastic job.


He ate about 3/4 of the cake in one sitting.  He was unsure at first but after nibbling away at the icing…


He dove right in…


For party favors, I had little buckets filled with a harmonica, guitar bubbles, and a rock and roll rubber duckie.  We also made CD’s of Liam’s favorite songs to handout to guests.


I did a video montage of Liam’s first year which played at the party.  You can download the video to watch at this link…

I still can’t believe Liam is one.  Everyone tells me it is a blink of an eye and they are grown.  I really want to hit the rewind button!  After partying all weekend and celebrating this week for his birthday, I have definitely been a little emotional after all of the dust has settled.  As I reflect on Liam’s first year, I realize how far not only he has come, but Matt and I as well.  Things that used to seem so important are now trivial and things that didn’t mean anything are now priceless.  I know we have made a few mistakes as all first time parents do, but I am proud of Liam and of us.  There is no doubt we are raising a fine little guy and we can’t wait to see what the future brings!






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