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25 Apr

DSC_0246 finalWe celebrated the end of tax season and Liam’s eleven month birthday with a family vacation to Hilton Head Island.  Liam wasn’t so sure about all of the sand at first, but it only took a few minutes before he was crawling around like he owned the place.

We had a bit of a problem keeping him from snacking on seashells but other than that, he seemed to enjoy the sand and the water.  He even found a sweet little thing in a red polka dot bathing suit to flirt with.


We haven’t really taken Liam out to eat much so far.  It’s so much easier to just stay at home!  Anyone that has had a baby knows that you never know when a meltdown or a blow out may occur so we have just avoided that scene all together!  I can tell Liam enjoys being out in public and seeing new places and people, but he also has the attention span of a gnat.  He can get very frustrated if he has to sit in one place too long or if he can’t get down on the floor and do his own thing.

This weekend was the perfect opportunity to get him out a bit and start exposing him to the restaurant scene.  We definitely avoided any white tablecloth kind of places as I’m not sure what they would have thought about his Sesame Street stick on plastic table mats we travel with now.  We ordered a few things such as mac and cheese and grilled cheese for him off of the kids menu and he seemed to enjoy the people watching and noshing.  He makes such a mess eating!  I think he drops at least a third of everything we give him down his shirt or on the floor.  I was a little embarrassed about it and was crawling around on the floor after every meal trying to clean up behind him so the poor waiter didn’t get stuck with it!  In talking with my mom about it, she informed me that I happily ate from a spoon until I could hold the spoon myself around eighteen months.  Obviously, my son takes after my husband with his insistence that he has to do it himself.  Liam loves feeding himself and is eating so much better after we started giving him the opportunity.  I still try to slip a few spoonfuls of food to him but I definitely have to sneak them in.  My mom says things are just different now.  I find this statement a little comical.  I just think that maybe our parents’ generation may have just been better at controlling their children than we are.

I continue to work with Liam on table manners but it is difficult because we are currently going through a phase where he thinks “No” is the funniest word he has ever heard.  I swear he does things to get me to say it and then just giggles.  I’ve pretty well resigned myself to the fact that he is going to keep us on our toes.  We should have known…two rottweilers aren’t going to make a cocker spaniel.

I am proud to report that he hasn’t really shown any signs of developing any picky eating habits.  He is fairly consistent and is willing to eat mostly anything.  I continue to try to avoid all processed foods and offer Liam a healthy diet with recommended daily servings.  He mostly eats whole grains, proteins, dairy, steamed veggies, and lots of fruit.  I make it one of my primary parenting goals to build a foundation of healthy eating for Liam and so far I think we have done a great job.  Now that he is eating a lot of table food, it has also put a renewed focus on Matt and I eating healthier also.  I plan all of our weekly meals out for family dinners and each meal and snack Liam has during the day.

Liam’s Meal Plan and Schedule for the Tenth Month

7:00 AM                        Wake from Crib and 7 oz Bottle

8:00 AM                        Breakfast

10:00 to 11:30 AM         Morning Nap

12:00 PM                       Lunch

3:00 to 4:30 PM             Afternoon Nap

4:30 PM                         Snack

7:00 PM                         Dinner

7:30 PM                         Bath

8:00 PM                         Bottle and Bedtime

I currently try to offer Liam the following each day:

Dairy Product – At least One Serving per day (small yogurt serving, cheese, or yogurt Popsicle)

Protein Servings – One or Two Servings per Day (Diced Chicken, Turkey, or Ground Beef)

Grains/Wheat – Two to Three Servings Per Day (Oatmeal, Brown Rice Cereal, Whole Grain Toast, Whole Grain Pancakes)

Fruits/Veggies – Five Servings per Day (Diced Fruit Cocktail, Bananas, Avocados, Baked Apples or Pears, Blueberries/Raspberries, Mango, Peaches, Melons, Strawberries…Steamed Carrots, Peas, Green Beans, White Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Broccoli).

He has pretty well moved himself entirely to the sippy cup.  I only offer the bottle when he wakes and right before bedtime.  I have also started offering him whole milk with his snack each day.  I look forward to clearance from his pediatrician to move him off of formula.  We could buy a rack of lamb every week in exchange for what we currently spend on formula!  Rack of Lamb….hmmm, wonder if he’s ready?

DSC_0250 final




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