Nine Months – Pieces of Pancake!

19 Mar

SONY DSCLiam turns ten months old this week and I must say I am a little nostalgic.  I have heard other mothers say that the first birthday is a time of celebration but also brings sadness with the realization that these little ones aren’t really babies anymore.  I have began to organize all of the pictures I have taken of him and it makes me a little wistful to reflect on how far he (and we) have come.  We visited some friends a few weeks back with a newborn and both Matt and I agreed that we can’t even remember Liam being that small.  Nine months of time doesn’t sound like a lot, but those of you that have had babies realize how quickly they can change during that time.

The first year of motherhood brings so much emotion, joy, and even fear.  All of the firsts and smiles bring more joy to me than I knew I could even experience.  The smiles and laughs melt my heart on a daily basis.  I saw a quote on Pinterest the other day that said “Behind every great kid is a mom who is pretty sure she is screwing it up.”  I thought that statement was gold.  In the beginning, I constantly worried whether I was doing things right.  I wanted a nurtured independent baby and those two goals often contradict one another.  I have definitely gained more and more confidence as the months have gone by.  I sometimes wish that I had spent more time rocking and cuddling Liam in those early days rather than working so hard at establishing sleep routines and getting him to go to sleep on his own.  While those days are gone and never to return again, I know that Liam is a well rested happy child and I believe I helped set that in motion.

This past month, Liam has become a speed demon crawler.  Sometimes I think that he can move across the house faster than I can.  He is also pulling up and he does it constantly….on the door, on the chair, on my pants, on the dogs.  He loves pulling up on furniture and banging his hands on the new surfaces.  His daddy is getting a little concerned about his affinity for banging on things (future drummer?).  He has also really expanded his speech.  We hear all sorts of sounds coming out of his mouth…dada, mama, gaga, and plenty of raspberries.  The time change has been wonderful for his schedule.  He was sleeping from 7 PM to 6:30 AM before, and since I didn’t give him the official set your clocks back memo, he now sleeps from 8 PM to 7:30 AM and I love it!  It is so nice to have that extra hour in the morning to get dressed for work and yet still gain an extra hour to be with him after work.

Since this is a food blog, I will report that we haven’t had a lot of changes from the last post.  He has been cutting his top two teeth and has had bouts of sensitivity or just downright moodiness where he refuses food.  This definitely plagued us more this month than any other month.  To keep things interesting for him, we are starting to experiment more and more with bites of what we are eating.  As long as it is something he can easily gum, I will let him try it.  Our pediatrician suggested breaking everything down to the size of my pinky nail which makes for a small bite but he seems to have no problems handling it and this reduces his choking risk.  His favorite things to eat right now are Whole Wheat Toast (no crust), Cheerios, and Green Steamed Peas.  He is so funny because while he has the hand control to feed himself, he still would rather eat out of my fingers.  I definitely have a lazy eater on my hands!

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day here in Dublin, Georgia by attending the annual pancake supper and the arts & crafts festival with Liam.  He enjoyed the festivities…especially the pancakes part!  He even sampled a few bites of good ole’ Southern grits.


Many of you know that I am an avid Babywise fan and Liam is a very scheduled baby.  It has worked wonders for us so I will now start posting his schedule for each phase along with what his meal plan looks like.  It is my belief that following a schedule establishes healthy sleep and eating habits.  I have detailed records (ok – yes I’m an accountant…) of his schedule since birth.  If anyone is interested, please comment or email me and I will be happy to share.

Liam’s Meal Plan and Schedule for the Ninth Month

7:00 AM                        Wake from Crib and take few ounces from bottle

7:30 AM                        Breakfast of Oatmeal/Cereal with Fruit and rest of bottle

9:30 to 11:00 AM           Morning Nap

11:00 AM                       Bath

11:30 AM                       Lunch of 4 Fruits/Veggies, may substitute chicken for one and bottle

2:00 to 3:30 PM              Afternoon Nap

3:30 PM                         Afternoon Snack & Bottle (we experiment with finger foods here)

6:00 PM                         Dinner of 4 Fruits/Veggies, will substitute chicken if none at lunch

7:00 PM                         Bottle and Bedtime

(Note:  this schedule shifted forward one hour when the time changed)

My growing little man…



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