Eight Months – Red Handed!

25 Feb

Liam turned nine months old this past week.  Our little guy has gone from a little baby who sat and played with his toys to a rambunctious little boy that is crawling everywhere.  He also is pulling up which has made mom pretty uneasy because he can’t figure out how to get back down once he’s up!

This month, we have had lots of head bumps, baby proofing, and attempts to distract Liam from whatever catches his eye that shouldn’t.  I try to roll with the bumps and falls but it’s so hard!  I am constantly holding my breath and pretty close to searching Amazon for a baby helmet.  I’m beginning to get a glimpse of what’s in store for the next few years and all I can say is “Whew….”


Liam celebrated his first Valentine’s Day this month with a visit to his grandparents for mom and dad to have a well deserved date night.   We pretty well caught them “red handed” with pictures shared from the visit but we know that is what grandparents are for.  This little guy is sure to break lots of hearts in the years to come, but of course I am a little biased!

On the foodie front, I am open to letting Liam have most foods at this point.  There are a few big items we are holding off until he is a year old at the doctor’s advice including regular milk, egg whites, and honey.   Liam is still eating all of his foods as puree’s but we are starting to experiment more with combos and a little thicker texture.  I am trying to use spices and combinations of items to make the food a little more interesting for him.  There is lots of taste testing before to make sure it has the mom seal of approval for his growing little taste buds.

Here is what all we introduced this month (in no particular order)…

Liam’s Meal Plan at Eight Months

Cantaloupe, Honeydew, & Watermelon – Liam loves the melon!  I puree the pieces together to make sort of a melon juice which I combine with brown rice organic cereal.  He gobbles his “melon cereal” up and it is probably one of his favorite foods right now.  He also loves the melon over plain whole milk yogurt.

Blueberries – After washing and pureeing fresh blueberries, I serve to him in his oatmeal or mixed with applesauce for a fruit side.  Blueberries and yogurt also make a great breakfast for him.

Beets – Beets are delicious but they make such a mess!  I roasted Liam’s beets in aluminum foil in the oven for about an hour.  I then peeled them (the messy part) which made my hands look like I had committed a bloody crime.  The grandparents may have had “red hands” after Liam’s valentine’s candy but I was running a close second after trying to make beets for him.  After pureeing them, I served them to Liam combined with another new food…Mashed Potatoes.  He is so open to new foods, there are really no fruits or veggies that he has disliked up to this point….but just wait…

Cottage Cheese – I read somewhere that cottage cheese is a great food for babies beginning their transition to solid foods.  Liam literally threw up when I served this to him.  Seriously…he gagged and spit it back out at me.  Oh well, we can’t win them all.

Chicken & Turkey – Liam graduated from Vegan status this month!  We began giving him pureed cooked chicken and turkey combined with different veggie combos.  His favorite combo was chicken & broccoli (I still can’t believe this kid loves broccoli…) and he loves anything with turkey.  It helped that the turkey he had was smoked on Dad’s smoker and was so moist and flavorful!   I think I would have began to question whether the hospital gave us the right baby if he didn’t like meat from dad’s smoker.

Eggs – I have offered Liam hard boiled and scrambled egg yolks a few times this month with him turning his nose up at me.  I have found the trick to be to let him eat small pieces of the scrambled egg as a finger food. If he can feed himself, he tolerates them but on a spoon…not so much!

Valentines Day

And how could we forget about the lollipops

His daily meal plan for this month varied a little from day to day but here is what we try to offer him:

Breakfast:  Rice Cereal or Oatmeal mixed with Fruit every day.  We usually offer a second offering of yogurt or finger foods of scrambled eggs or whole wheat toast with no crust broken into tiny pieces.

Lunch:  Two or Three Veggies or Fruits servings.  Also offer him a Protein or Dairy Serving.

Snack:  Finger Foods (usually puffs and yogurt melts).  This is the one area that I haven’t been very true to our “no processed foods” rule.  I hope to offer healthier snack options to Liam once I feel he is ready to graduate from the dissolving first finger foods.

Dinner:  Two or Three Veggie or Fruit Servings.  Also offer him a Protein, Dairy, or Cereal Offering.

I have really been working with Liam on the sippy cup this month but it’s been a little slow going.  We offer him a variety of things including fruit juice, water, and formula.  He will take a few sips but then just wants to play with the cup.  We shall keep trying!




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