Seven Months – A New Year and New Food!

21 Jan

We made it through the holidays and the food coma that always comes along with it.  Liam is now sitting on his own and I know I say this every post, but he is doing GREAT!  I have a feeling that we have reached that part of our journey where everything is going to start happening really fast with him.  I am already missing the cuddly newborn stage and wishing that I had some of that precious time back.

On the food front, we continue to introduce new foods regularly to Liam.  This month has been a little less structured with meal planning and food introduction as our family recovers from the holidays.  Tax season is looming around the corner and I know it may be a difficult one for me as I try to juggle work with my new role as a mother.  We still managed to sneak a few new things in this month.

I plan to introduce finger foods to Liam this month.  I have looked at a few ideas for homemade finger foods but I am not sure he is ready for any of the fruits/veggies finger foods yet.  Instead, I will offer him the Gerber Puffs this month.  I have an irrational fear of Liam choking.  I’m not really that kind of mother that worries over every little thing but the choking thing does freak me out.  I feel safe with the Puffs as they dissolve pretty instantly.  I still will break them up into tiny pieces for a few weeks until I am confident he can handle the whole piece.

Liam’s Meal Plan at Seven Months

First Week:  This week I introduced Parsnips.  Like carrots, parsnips are high in nitrates and is only safe as a homemade baby food after babies reach seven months.  I steamed the parsnips and then pureed them in water.  I had to add a lot of water for them to not be the consistency of wallpaper paste. Liam seems to enjoy the parsnips, but I am starting to get the feeling he thinks some of my baby food is a little bland!

Second Week:  This week I introduced Broccoli.  Broccoli isn’t recommended until babies reach nine months in age but Liam has been handling all of his solids so beautifully that I wasn’t concerned.  Plus we have fresh broccoli from his grandparent’s garden so now seemed to be the perfect time.  I steamed the broccoli in the Beaba and then pureed in the cooking juices.  He loves the broccoli.  I know what you are thinking…what is with this kid?  First green beans and now broccoli.  Maybe some of my hard work is paying off!

Third Week:  This week I introduced Zucchini.  The zucchini was on sale so I purchased in bulk, roasted in the oven, and then just pureed the cooked zucchini in a little water.  Liam took to the zucchini favorably much like the yellow squash.

Fourth Week:  This week introduced Kiwi to Liam.  It is super easy to serve to babies, you just cut in half and scoop out the flesh seeds and all.  I am mashing it until it is pretty broken apart (you remember my abnormal baby choking fear right?).  The first few times I offered to Liam, he refused it.  It seems to be one of those things he just has to be in the mood for.

His daily meal plan for this month is:

Breakfast:  3 Tbsp of Oatmeal mixed with 2 Cubes of Apples, Pears, or Bananas and Formula; 1 or 2 Cubes of Peaches/Mangoes/Kiwi or other fruit

Lunch:  2 cubes of a Green veggie and 2 cubes of a fruit

Dinner:  2 cubes each of  two different colors of veggies and 2 cubes of a fruit

Liam is so close to crawling this month.  He is rocking back and forth and just protests the fact that he isn’t going anywhere yet.  I have a feeling once he takes off, things are going to be a lot different around here!


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