Six Months – Vegan Holiday and Popsicles!

21 Dec

With the holidays and Liam’s six month birthday (I can’t believe he is a half year old already)…we are having a busy month!  Liam is eating his solids like a champ and we continue to introduce him to new foods and increase the amount he eats.  His acid reflux has improved dramatically and we actually stopped given him Prevacid this month….Yay!

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We had another big day this month in that Liam had to have his tongue clipped at the hospital.  Tongue tie is a condition in which the bottom of the tongue is attached to the floor of the mouth.  This restricts the tongue’s movement which can cause feeding and speech  difficulties.  I had tried to breastfeed Liam when he was born and it was painful for both he and I.  We know now this was because of his tongue which would not allow him to latch properly.  He was a trooper for the surgery and immediately took a bottle after and resumed his solids that same day.

On the foodie front, we are continuing to introduce Liam to new foods this month.  Still no reactions so we are starting to worry a little less about the four day wait rule.  He LOVES his food and anxiously leans in for every bite.  A nurse at the hospital even gave him his first Popsicle  which was not on our meal plan for the week but we made an exception!  He loved it at first and then started crying hysterically….brain freeze had set in.  I love this little guy!

Liam’s Meal Plan at Six Months

First Week:  This week we introduced Peaches.  I picked some up at the grocery store and then just peeled them, cut them into chunks, steamed them in the Beaba, and then pureed them in their cooking juices.  Liam wasn’t a huge fan of the peaches, he puckered and ate them but wasn’t too excited about them.  After giving them to him, I later discovered they are on the dirty dozen list, which is a list of foods that you should always buy organic due to high potential for contamination in the growing process.  I am not a fan of this news and he is not a fan of peaches so we cut these out for a while.  We do live in Georgia so he will get his fair share of the right kind of peaches come Spring.

Second Week:  Moving on in the fruit departments, we introduced Mango to Liam this week.  He puckered up with the first bite of mango (much like the peaches), but then they won him over.  It’s not the best time of year to shop for mango but these fruits are not on the dirty dozen list so we will continue to offer to him.

Third Week:  It is recommended to wait to introduce homemade Carrots to babies until they are seven months old.  Carrots have a high level of nitrates that the commercial baby food makers can easily remove but we can’t at home.  Liam is close enough to seven months that I decided to go ahead and let him have carrots.  I just chopped them up, steamed them in the Beaba, and pureed them in their cooking juices.  Have I mentioned that I love my Beaba?  He made a face at first but is tolerating them.  I think they look so much like sweet potatoes and butternut squash that we can trick him into eating a few bites!

Fourth Week:  We doubled up this week and introduced both Yellow Squash and Peas. I roasted the yellow squash in the oven and then pureed it.  For the peas, I just purchased one of the microwavable steamer bags, cooked them according to package directions, and then pureed them with a little water.  Liam ate both fine.  He isn’t quite as eager for the peas as he is with green beans but he still seems to favor the green veggies.

 His daily meal plan for this month is:

Breakfast:  3 Tbsp of Oatmeal mixed with 2 Cubes of Apples, Pears, or Bananas and Formula; 1 or 2 Cubes of Peaches/Mangoes/or other fruit

Lunch:  2 cubes of a veggie and 2 cubes of a fruit

Dinner:  2 cubes each of  two different veggies and 2 cubes of a fruit

Note:  Cube = One cube from an ice cube tray

For both Thanksgiving and Christmas, Liam had his very own plate of vegetables and fruits and enjoyed the holiday meals with the family as a little vegan.  Our first Christmas with Liam was really special and one we always remember.  We are so thankful for him and count our blessings each day.  While we are still in baby food world this year, I know our little foodie will enjoy many special holiday meals in the years to come.

Happy Holidays from our Family to Yours!


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