Raising a Foodie

21 Sep



Meet our four month old son Liam.  He doesn’t know it yet but he will be quite the little epicurean.  My husband and I have always been avid foodies.  Whether it be trying out an unusual recipe, smoking something on our smoker, brewing a batch of beer or just traveling to a city to check out a restaurant that is creating a lot of buzz…food has always been a major part of our lives.  Just because we now have a child, doesn’t mean that we have to resign ourselves to a future of fish sticks and chicken nuggets.  Our goal is to repeatedly expose Liam to as many different foods as we can in hopes that we will one day have another foodie in our family.

Here are five simple ways we plan to make this happen:

1.  Avoid processed foods as much as possible even in the baby food stage.  Just because it is a puree, doesn’t mean it has to come out of a jar.  Many Michelin star recipes feature main dishes with fancy purees and foams (aka baby food) made from fruits and vegetables.  We can do the same at home for Liam.  If we prepare his food fresh now, it will hopefully lay the foundation for later.

2.  He will eat on a schedule not on demand.  No random snacking for this little guy.  Meals and snacks will be planned and set according to his needs at his age.

3.  No emotional eating.  No food rewards or bribes and food will not be used to “pacify” him when he is upset.

4.  Meals will be planned.  The key to our goal is organization.  Lack of planning leads to junk and fast food.  Meals will be planned by us for Liam and will follow the rainbow to include a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables that provide different vitamins and nutrients.

5.  We will eat as a family and he will eat what we eat.  Part of being a foodie is the experience.  We are parents not short order cooks.  He will eat what we eat when we eat and try everything at least once.

Some of this may sound harsh but our intent is to bring him up so he doesn’t know any differently.  Family meals can be fun and enjoyable.  It’s the one time of day in our hectic lives, we can all be tuned into each other.  I’m sure we will have some failures along the way, but we are committed to this lifestyle and it is our hope that our son will enjoy food as much as we have.

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