Who says Two has to be Terrible?

26 May

We have been celebrating Liam’s second birthday all month long around our house.  I love that he has a May birthday because it’s such a fun month with school ending and summertime beginning!  Liam has changed so much since I last posted.  I just re-read the 1.5 year old post and had to chuckle at […]

Look at me…I’m 1 1/2!

21 Nov

Today is Liam’s Eighteen Month Birthday.  I’m not sure when we stop counting in months, but we can now officially report that he is a year and half old!  The Fall months have been so busy for our family.  It seems like we are always partying….Halloween parties, Thanksgiving parties, and will soon be moving on to […]

Fifteen & Sixteen?!? Months….

25 Sep

Our little guy turned sixteen months old earlier this week. I have tried to write a monthly post since we started our food journey with Liam at four months (wow, has it really been a year?) but these past two months just slipped right by me.  Liam’s personality and energy level are both exploding right […]

French Kids Eat Everything

14 Aug

I recently read a fantastic book called “French Kids Eat Everything” by Karen Le Billon…. http://www.amazon.com/French-Kids-Eat-Everything-Discovered/dp/0062103296/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376528204&sr=8-1&keywords=french+kids+eat+everything The book is an account of an American mother desperately trying to change her American children’s poor eating habits while living in France.  This proved to be a great read for a mother that hopes to mold her son […]

Serenbe Southern Chef Series

4 Aug

This past weekend, Matt and I visited the Inn at Serenbe for their Southern Chef Series with Chris Hastings, the executive chef/owner of Hot & Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Alabama.  This turned out to be the ultimate date night for two foodies.  The Southern Chef Series is a two day cooking school where chefs […]

Fourteen Months…Huh?

30 Jul

If I were to sum up the month leading up to Liam’s 14 month birthday, it would be “huh”?  Not only is that the only thing Liam can say right now, but this month has been so busy that I also feel like saying “Huh?”. Liam is running around EVERYWHERE and the month itself has flown by as well! […]

Breakfast Quiches

30 Jun

Offering Liam healthy, non-processed breakfasts during the week can be very challenging.  Getting out of the door and to work with my shirt not inside out is a small score in the world of a working mom.   I recently stumbled across a website called “Once a Month Mom.”  The site offers monthly meal plans […]

Thirteen Months…Dogs Days of Summer

24 Jun

All of the excitement of Liam’s first birthday has passed and we are now entering the “toddler” phase of parenting.  Liam is starting to run walk on his own and he is a force to be reckoned with.  He is beginning to cut the nasty molars everyone warned me about and that has definitely thrown […]

Miniature Turkey Meatloaves

13 Jun

Let me start by saying that “meatloaf” may be the absolute worst name for a food I have ever heard.  Before writing this post, I even Googled it to see if I could find a more enticing name for this dish.  Obviously I struck out, but I least put a cute spin on it by […]

What to feed a one year old…

4 Jun

There are so many changes a child goes through after their first birthday.  There is a long list of items to check off including the switch to whole milk, transitioning from bottle to a sippy cup, and incorporating more and more regular table food into their diets. We have had a pretty seamless transition with […]